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NY1 segment Cancer Survivors Moving On With Aerobic Workouts (October 10, 2006)

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A Class in Action
In the following galleries, Robert Ullmann’s beautiful photography captures the energy and vitality of a Moving On Aerobics class. So you can get a feel for how Moving On Aerobics works, we’ve divided them into the same three sections that divide every MOA class: Tuning In, Moving Out, and Stretching to New Places. Enjoy!

Tuning In: Warm Up

Moving Out: Dancing with the Group and with Weights

Stretching to New Places: Cool Down, Stretches, Sharing

Walk for Breast Cancer Warm-up Ceremony
On October 6th 2007, Dr. Martha led the warm-up ceremony for Avon’s Walk for Breast Cancer in NYC.

Warm-up Ceremony

“MOA classes with Bonnie has been an amazing experience and a real help in my recovery from cancer. I’m gaining strength, confidence and awareness of mind and body connection through movement.”

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Moving On Aerobics is a Community Outreach Program of Moving On Center
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